Back in the USofA

The ex-pat has returned for a brief stay in Ohio. Right now I’m enjoying the quiet of Woodhollow Drive, the homestead, and my mom as she continues to use her broken arm without concern for the long term damages. I have a lot to do. And, like my last week in Liberia, I’ll probably be […]

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Plants: (Yes, I’m blogging about plants because some have asked, and they’re different here)

Eddoes – a wide leaf that is eaten in Ghana, the root is eaten in LiberiaPalava sauceCabbage and palm cabbageCollardsTomatoes – “bulbs”=cherry tomatoesPotato leaf – they eat the leaf here! Didn’t know you could do that…Fever leaf – semi-bitter, used to release bowls (the liquid that comes out of it being mashed) and break a […]

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Day 2 in Africa.

Everyone has been very curious and nice to me. Sometimes I am afraid they’re being overly nice. It goes back to colonialism. I haven’t been able to wrap my head around white people in Liberia. Liberia was never colonized (by Europeans). It never had a large population of white people show up and take anything […]

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Departure June 7:

I left the DC area Saturday, the 6th, after barbecue and beer with friends and family. It was a good note to leave on, especially since it wasn’t specifically about me leaving as a gathering. As Shauna put it, no one tells you that one of the hazards of international work is the binging of […]

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