Dadaab Life: Auto-photography from 2015

Last year, the Center on Conflict and Development at Texas A&M University helped support my work using autophotography. Most of the photos were taken by women involved in training programs in Dadaab who I asked to take photos of people, places, or moments in their lives when they felt powerful or empowered. Women were instructed to get permission from the subjects of their photos (most frequently their family members) and I shared the photographs that the women agreed to share publicly with TAMU. Below is the collection of photographs they curated to share. On June 24, 2016 in Kigali, Rwanda, I will attend a showing of these photos and photos from other projects funded by the Center on Conflict and Development. I’ll share details about the venue and times closer to the date.

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Connecting Comics and Photo Stories

In Understanding Comics, Scott McCloud presents an analysis of comics that relates to how we tell stories with visuals and words. His description of spacing, or gutters between images, presents a way of understanding how we space images not only in comics but in galleries and other photographic works. The slideshow on Internet galleries even […]

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“I’m use to it, I’m from here” – Photography where I don’t belong

Photographing people where I don’t belong (as per a recent Photo assignment) reflected my own expectations of State College. The first location I scouted Sunday afternoon, near dusk, was the liquor store, just before closing, hoping to get a shot through the glass of them closing up. I don’t belong in a liquor store after […]

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