Something nice about Afghanistan

My last few days in Afghanistan were spent finishing up a condensed summer session of Digital Media Literacy and Skills, a course I designed and really enjoyed teaching.  The students ambushed me at the end of the course and gave me flowers, taking me to a colleague and friend’s office, the resident photographer, to document […]

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Some sort of view of Kabul

Watching “Lie to Me,” a show that was shared with me in the usual exchange among expats, I found this gem: Well then, I’m sure that somewhere in Kabul Province there is a path that looks like this.  And Lie to Me, apparently stopped airing in 2011.  So I can’t really blame the show per […]

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Home away from home

It was good to be back in Uganda.  The staff at Endiro, the local coffee shop, frequented by Ugandan business people and expats alike, remember me.  I got a free refill with only a smile. The nightclubs may have changed and there are a lot of new buildings, but it feels very much like I’m […]

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Kabul in the Snow

As a horribly unreliable photography, let me make a picture in words. This morning as I rode in the first row of the shuttle to get to campus, my usual seat, we passed shop after shop where men, and in some cases children, were digging their way out of the recent snow. The trees glistened […]

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Surprising things about Kabul*

So, I’ve been trying to think of how to blog about this new transition.  It’s hard because I’m surrounded by so many Afghanistan experts, from natives to long-term expats to know-it-all short term expats.  Sparks, who often instigates blog posts from me when I feel social pressure to avoid it, asked me to write about […]

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I’m here to help

If you have come here to help me, you are wasting your time. But if you have comebecause your liberation is bound up with mine, then let us work together.   In 2009, as a new graduate student in the Peace and Conflict Resolution program at American University, I went out to a neighborhood bar with a fellow […]

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