About me

As a scholar-practitioner, I focus on education, human rights, programming, advocacy, and monitoring and evaluation. Currently, I serve as the Advisor in Research, Evaluation and Learning, focusing on education in emergencies, at Save the Children US. I hold a PhD in Lifelong learning and Adult education and Comparative and International Education from Pennsylvania State University. I also teach monitoring and evaluation at American University in the International Development Concentration of the IR Online Masters program at the School of International Service and in the School of Professional and Extended Studies.

My work focuses on education for those affected by violent conflict and migration/ displacement, specifically engaging in monitoring and evaluation of educational programming and planning. My research interests include adult learning, women’s education in conflict-affected environments, technology innovations in education (emphasizing online learning and mobile learning in low resource areas or low income populations), ethnography, higher and continuing education planning and programming, and the right to education.

I teach qualitative methods and project monitoring and evaluation. I also have experience teaching software, digital media tools, and technology workshops. I am a professional development trainer, specifically in project development, planning, monitoring and evaluation, and in adult learning pedagogy. I emphasize online and technology supported learning with foci on accessibility, synchronous and asynchronous tools, and mobile learning.

For those wanting more, visit my linkedin page, academia.edu page, ResearchGate, or my Peacebuilding and Collaborative Development Network page. And feel free to e mail me with any questions or thoughts, AKrupar (at) american (dot) edu or Follow me on Twitter.

Please note: this blog includes both my personal reflections and professional research and work.

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