Picture 1 is our cook, Alice, who is very sweet and works very very hard. The next photo is in Gbarnga, it’s the new bank that was prepared for the Independence day celebration, you can’t really see it but in there is a “wacky wavy inflatable arm flailing tube man” that made many many people […]

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The Independence Day Program

So the program was disappointing because: It was held inside with limited space. Many of the VIP’s were not Liberian so most of the awaiting crowd could not participate and see their president. There was no space for questions. The Paramount Chief (chief of chiefs), was very old and said some things about women’s empowerment […]

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Many days and many thoughts

I have been slack to keep up with my days here, mostly because things started to blend together in workshops and work but today was different. Today was Liberia’s Independence Day. Technically July 26th is the date but because it fell on a Sunday the festivities were today (Monday). I’ll start with today and work […]

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My name is Nyapu

It means bright woman, or light skinned woman. M, with the GAP team gave it to me. I’m very proud and honored to have a Kpelleh (pronounced Bellay)* name. It’s prounounced Nya (like an n in Spanish) – poo. When people say it, it sounds like Nyampu but I don’t think there’s an M in […]

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