My name is Nyapu

It means bright woman, or light skinned woman. M, with the GAP team gave it to me. I’m very proud and honored to have a Kpelleh (pronounced Bellay)* name. It’s prounounced Nya (like an n in Spanish) – poo. When people say it, it sounds like Nyampu but I don’t think there’s an M in there.

*The Kp sound in Kpelleh is a new one to me, it’s not a b, it’s a b with a k in front of it, so it pops when you say it. It’s hard to describe without doing it.


2 thoughts on “My name is Nyapu

  1. the problem with my name is that M who gave it to me is not Kpelle, thus I think Nyampu actually means blind person, according to my kpelle teacher, peter. But my kpelle teacher also speaks a dialect of kpelleh so i don't know who to believe. unless nyapu isn't kpelle. i should ask M.

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