News and Links

Updates about my work:

Students explore international development research. Texas A&M Today. 16 February 2015.

Refugee settlement becomes classroom for Penn State student. Penn State News. 14 November 2014.

The 30 Top Thinkers Under 30: The Human Rights Advocate Who Wants to Study Post-Conflict Reconstruction. Pacific Standard. 22 April 2014.

30Under30 Allyson Krupar: Social Change Agent. Case: Think. Fall/ Winter 2013.

Voices of Afghanistan’s Youth. WhyDev. Spring 2013.

The following are some like minded interesting blogs that I need to follow, already follow, or know personally (in no particular order).

Other blogs I have appeared in:


  • Stories of Conflict and Love – Photographer, writer, storyteller, join her on her travels through conflict zones.
  • The African Timer – A Ugandan friend who will hopefully teach me more about Uganda than he anticipates!
  • The Humanitarian Space – Mitchel Sutika Sipus, a good friend and a good researcher, working in Kabul.
  • Side Hustle Stories – A good friend, photographer, videographer and story teller, check out her accounts of Side Hustles in the DC metro area.
  • Lemming Cliff – A space where colleagues talk about visualizing data, human rights, and more.

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