Theory Rant

I have been doing a lot of thinking about my research interests and my theoretical understandings of the world. I came to Penn State with this view of the world that I had developed over time through studying anthropology and conflict, working in educational contexts (mostly university settings, all formal, all admittedly in the western […]

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To-do-To-day: … Read 200 pages

In my travels, invariably, I met the disgruntled American expat who believed, without a doubt, that life was more efficient in the United States. I commiserated with this person. I scorned this person. I was this person. There’s a little part of me that thought, “oh, I’m not like that, I’m an anthropologist, I take […]

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This Week

This week in my life I had a lot of small frustrations at work and large successes out of work, running my first public 5k ever.  This week in my home country, I looked on as a film played out, the stars being the SWAT teams and individuals in the Boston area searching for some […]

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Surprising things about Kabul*

So, I’ve been trying to think of how to blog about this new transition.  It’s hard because I’m surrounded by so many Afghanistan experts, from natives to long-term expats to know-it-all short term expats.  Sparks, who often instigates blog posts from me when I feel social pressure to avoid it, asked me to write about […]

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The Independence Day Program

So the program was disappointing because: It was held inside with limited space. Many of the VIP’s were not Liberian so most of the awaiting crowd could not participate and see their president. There was no space for questions. The Paramount Chief (chief of chiefs), was very old and said some things about women’s empowerment […]

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A Liberian Lady now

But still a white woman. Difficult to pull off, I know. The nurses who I chatted with weeks ago called me a Liberian Lady after I managed to mimic their dance moves with some success, and with my dance partner, I played the part quite well. I also bought two lappas, and was then corrected […]

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On to language and development

The language barrier is frustrating but getting better. Most of Liberian English is just dropping the last letter of every word and then running the words together in the sentence. But as I mentioned, there are also vowel changes. Sometimes I have no idea what words people are saying. Internet is pronounced entenet, mister is […]

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