Something nice about Afghanistan

My last few days in Afghanistan were spent finishing up a condensed summer session of Digital Media Literacy and Skills, a course I designed and really enjoyed teaching.  The students ambushed me at the end of the course and gave me flowers, taking me to a colleague and friend’s office, the resident photographer, to document the occasion.


Several of the girls followed me back to my office and one of them, whom I had worked with on a student group as well as taught two classes to, told me:

I read your blog and I’d like to ask, write something nice about Afghanistan.

And so I am. The absolute, nicest thing about Afghanistan, was teaching.  I know I looked grumpy a lot, and most of the time that I wasn’t teaching, I was grumpy.  But a good class, where I didn’t repeat myself too much and I felt like I was really making a clear point that was being understood, debated, responded to.  That made all of the cold winter nights and food poisoning adventures worth it. The friends I made along the way, and those I’ve known for years, definitely helped.


4 thoughts on “Something nice about Afghanistan

  1. Yes, the discussions were of course unforgettable. we learned and enjoyed, and I personally never felt like you’d been grumpy to us, I think you were just trying to be as clear and straight as possible, which is necessary and good for a condensed summer session class. Your efforts helped us become a better *Net Smart*; appreciative. Thank you.

  2. Thank you, dear, Professor, It was a very nice class particularly for me. Because it was my last class at AUAF and the most important the day we took this picture was my last day at AUAF.

    One question: Can I share this post on Facebook?

  3. Thank you for contributing in the Afghan future.. Your contribution are valued by the Afghan people.. Wish you best of luck for the future!!

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