Video Ethnography in Dadaab

Since my work in Dadaab ended in August, I’ve been working on how to continue to support RET programming and to conduct further preliminary dissertation research. I learned a lot from my time working with the teams in Dadaab. I was using video to record training and then discuss it with trainers and learners, particularly women, to understand what “empowerment” meant in the training, how the training could and could not “empower” women learners. Upon review of the group interview with learners, I realized that we weren’t speaking the same language. Literally. But also, that the interpretation of my questions and their answers was missing a word-for-word understanding. Simply put, they weren’t getting me. So I’m hoping that by using photographs and individual narrative, I will better understand women learners perspectives in training in Dadaab. That’s what this video discusses. Feel free to leave comments, ideas, questions, here or on the video. I’m hoping to get feedback from those with whom I worked last year as well as anyone interested in the project to create a thoughtful dissertation that could be beneficial to NGO workers, learners, and scholarly communities in education.


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