Why training for adults? Refugee’s systems and support for empowerment

Reposted from the Center on Conflict and Development As I began to discuss in my introduction post, I am using visual methodologies to understand empowerment in diverse adult education classrooms in Dadaab. The content of the training has thus far in the pre-dissertation process, been diverse. Last year, I spent two months in Dadaab and […]

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#SMGP2014 in Dadaab, Kenya

Reposted from the Center on Conflict and Development at Texas A&M University. Late Thursday night, groggy and stiff from travel, I met RET’s driver who took me to the hotel in Nairobi where I’m staying for the weekend. I’ve worked with RET before so much of the drive at 11:00pm involved him catching me up […]

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Video Ethnography in Dadaab

Since my work in Dadaab ended in August, I’ve been working on how to continue to support RET programming and to conduct further preliminary dissertation research. I learned a lot from my time working with the teams in Dadaab. I was using video to record training and then discuss it with trainers and learners, particularly […]

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INEE Discussion Post: CSE and Youth, Week 4: CSE for out-of-school and over-age youth in Dadaab

For the original posting and the rest of the Discussion series, click here. Conflict Sensitive Education for out-of-school and over-age youth in Dadaab, Kenya: Attempts to stabilise, rebuild or build the education system Even before the publication of the INEE Conflict Sensitive Education (CSE) manual in 2013, practitioners internationally were testing and proving different conflict […]

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In the news: Education and Dadaab

So, I’ve got this Google Alert on all things Dadaab. Today’s news about MOOCs in Dadaab and a classic reminder that the camps are still here raise some interesting, and expected, dilemmas I’m struggling with here. First, the LA Times piece “He did not come here by choice. Nobody does.” Everyone who came to Dadaab had a […]

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Celebrities in Dadaab

When I’m jogging around the 2.5k path at the edge of the UN compound here in Dadaab, I often find myself thinking about all of the celebrities who have come here. This is probably caused by the mixture of the “This American Life” episodes I listen to and the best dance songs of 2012. Somewhere […]

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Research Progress and Roadblocks

I came to Dadaab with a research plan, to identify NGO sponsored trainings outside of formal education or accredited programming aimed at empowering learners with particular emphasis on women. I realize now that all NGO training aims to empower learners. Focusing on women has, unfortunately, proved problematic. Most training aims for a gender balance, and […]

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