Partying Liberian Style: Part 1

Homesickness strikes. For those of you who have not been e mailing me and must assume that I want to speak with you (because of course I want to speak with you), please e mail me. I’m having dreams of the states and it makes me feel bad not knowing how everyone is doing. I’ve actually got a little Grandma anxiety since I know I won’t be able to see her for some time. But, I really miss everyone.

Beyond that, there’s a lot to fill you all in on. So I finally found live music (thanks for your wishes Sparks!), and didn’t have to leave the compound for it. The RAP team (or Research and Advocacy Program) does all of the theater-for-development work and last Thursday we had a celebration of the departure of some Dutch woman from some NGO (who’s names I’ve completely forgotten). The celebration consisted of: Drinks with CAP and RAP people before the festivities (CAP is Civic action program…or civil…or advocacy…), over to the theatre, since one of the RAP organizers was having drinks with me and some other staff, the festivities really began upon our arrival (ah yeah…). Then I found my way next to my health worker friend, there was an MC (a gentleman who works in the office with me) and there was some talk about the work of the departing Dutch lady and “the struggle.” Apparently, a woman who later ranted to me about development, believes that “we are blessed to part of this struggle.” Blessed. Blessed to be struggling to rebuild a country as well as their lives. Blessed. Hm. Not the word I would choose but I see the significance there. It is a blessing that people from all over the world can come together and rebuild…anything at all.

The program continued with dancing, of course. This time, I mimicked the Liberian women, with much success. Afterwards, I joined the nurses on my porch and learned all about development (see rant below).


5 thoughts on “Partying Liberian Style: Part 1

  1. ah the theatre… i remember it fondly. I remember most sweating buckets and buckets and looking absolutely disgusting. The first night I went dancing there I made the mistake of wearing a shirt that showed sweat… GROSS!!!! Dance one for me my friend.

  2. Paul, dancing is coming along nicely, mostly because everyone thinks it's hysterical when I dance!

    Matt, definitely. I think everyone wishes you were here again, they talk about you so often! Let me know what's up with Eme's tuition fund, I'd love to raise some money for everyone here once I get back in the states. It's amazing how far $100US can go…

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