Well, not really. But a chimp nonetheless. And she was for sale. I was tempted, disregarding the ethical problems of trading in endangered species. They were going to have a meeting to decide how much to charge for the animal. Chimps seem to be household pets here, as well as monkeys. I think they’re even trained to do chores. I saw one sweeping at a house we passed. They’re also meat, of course.

I was asked about other BHM’s. For those of you who have not been initiated to Krupar family vacations, a BHM is a Big Hairy Mammal. I’ve seen two camels, randomly crossing the road at an agricultural research center, a long haired goat head butting a man in the groin (which seemed to be the game), sheep, lots of African dogs, including Sparky that my little brother got for me (picture at the end), and that’s all so far. Not including fowl, because they aren’t animals.


One thought on “Bonobo!

  1. Have you met Bush the monkey that comes to the compound on a regular basis? Cute little chimp. It makes it a bit more difficult to eat monkey meat up in Lofa but when your hungry and people have sacrificed for you… meat is meat. Liberian Style.

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