Gbarnga touring

This was a short trip on Thursday with one of the support staff for DEN-L (Matt, it’s the one who drove you to the waterfall, he’s talking about going there again soon!). He showed me around (this time in a truck but the drive was equally as fascinating, just no sense of danger). We went up to the Presidents Palace. Taylor had occupied the palace in the 90’s and it was burned out by rebels at one point. It hadn’t been repaired since then but with the upcoming Independence Day on July 27, the government has decided to renovate. It’s amazing how quickly buildings come and go here, compared to the US year long processes. I think it’s also because the walls are still there, the foundation is good, all that needs to be done is a new roof and fresh plaster/paint. And probably doors, since apparently wood is a. flammable, and b. was likely to be looted in the war.
I saw the stadium at Gbarnga, I should have gone in, then I would have pictures of it, but here it is from far away.

There was also the largest public high school in Gbarnga (and Bong county, I think).


2 thoughts on “Gbarnga touring

  1. Don't worry there will be plenty of time to see the soccer stadium… it was actually quite controversial when they made it too. Most people thought it was a waste of money. Have eme take you to his school one day, its over there in that neighborhood and you will walk right past it again. Plus Dorothy lives over that way.

  2. When I was living in Malawi we used to drive along the border with Mozambique on the way from Blantyre to Mangochi and it was shocking. You could see exactly where the border was because all of the houses on the Mozambique side of the road were burnt out and destroyed from war and all of the houses on the Malawi side were fine.

    That doesn't really have anything to do with your post, but burnt out houses always remind me of that.

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