First impressions of Dadaab

(This post is late in coming so it’s a collection of some notes over the course of the past two weeks) It rained today. The sand is stained red and tiny droplets inch off the leaves. I woke this morning to hear it, only to think my mind was fooling me. It was the wind […]


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Catching up

I don’t blog enough to be considered a blogger by BlogHer (at least once a month). And when I do, I feel the need to preface every entry with something about how I don’t blog enough. But this is a catch up post on what I’ve been up to that hasn’t made it to the […]

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To-do-To-day: … Read 200 pages

In my travels, invariably, I met the disgruntled American expat who believed, without a doubt, that life was more efficient in the United States. I commiserated with this person. I scorned this person. I was this person. There’s a little part of me that thought, “oh, I’m not like that, I’m an anthropologist, I take […]

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Kabul in the Snow

As a horribly unreliable photography, let me make a picture in words. This morning as I rode in the first row of the shuttle to get to campus, my usual seat, we passed shop after shop where men, and in some cases children, were digging their way out of the recent snow. The trees glistened […]

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