SMS Integrated Survey Tool for Health Education in Uganda – with the Infectious Disease Institute

For those of you who are interested in the work we are doing that is bringing us to Geneva, here is a summary.  Please, feel free to comment and ask questions.  The more we discuss this idea, the more we will be ready to present it in two weeks! Open Innovation Competition of the ITU […]

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Going to the Field – Part 3

October 3* Today we are in Pallisa.  Pallisa is a small town, probably smaller than Soroti, and we had to take a one-lane dirt road to get here.  Not the worst road in Uganda, by any means. We drove past probably a thousand children walking to school. The survey went smoother than the first time.  I actually […]

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Going to the field – Part 2

September 31 Today was my first experience giving a survey in Uganda and giving a survey about technology.  I’ve surveyed people before, but usually about human rights, or their use of public space, or what they would like to see changed in their community.  Never about something as cold and distant as technology.  Particularly in […]

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Going to the field – Part 1

On September 28th at 6am, I left Kampala and my comfortable Uganda home to travel to “the field.”  Throughout my life, the concept of “the field” has changed from anywhere in Africa, to outside major cities, to wherever everyone else calls “the field.” Right now, I’m sitting at Shine On Hotel in Mbale and would […]

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mHealth, eh?

One of the cooler things I’m working on at IDI is an mHealth project. Pilot, of course. The running joke in Uganda is everything is a pilot, nothing is a program…we can unpack the implications of this joke on the entire development paradigm, but leave that for another post.  mHealth is the idea of using […]

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Data visualization in Uganda

I hopped on a boda after work on August 18 (I’m a bit behind the times in blogging) and rode for what seemed like forever from Mulago to Muyenga where eventually Ray and I found the Mountbatten office. View Larger Map There I awkwardly stood around for a bit, smoked a cigarette and the lecture […]

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