This Year

This year I learned about infectious diseases and healthcare inequalities, about paediatric HIV care and the realities faced by local health centers in rural Uganda that lack equipment and staff to treat the patients that arrive each day. But mostly I spent a lot of time in front of a computer. I started out researching […]

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Lauri and Mike get married!

Lauri and Mike get married!, a set on Flickr. On June 9th, 2012, the bridal party and friends all went to whirly ball (that’s a thing! see photos) and had a Luau to celebrate Lauri and Mike’s upcoming wedding (it was a Bachelor/ Bachelorette party). Then on June 15th, my big sister got married! I […]

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Anxiety – the good kind

For someone who wants to be based all over the world for work, I get some serious travel anxiety.  Today, I rationalize that it is nerves for the upcoming competition and conference as well as that old impatience to arrive somewhere new.  I’m sitting in the Amsterdam airport waiting for my connecting flight to Geneva. […]

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Going to the field – Part 2

September 31 Today was my first experience giving a survey in Uganda and giving a survey about technology.  I’ve surveyed people before, but usually about human rights, or their use of public space, or what they would like to see changed in their community.  Never about something as cold and distant as technology.  Particularly in […]

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My Loving Heart: A film review

As there is a dearth of film reviews of African films, particularly sentimental romantic dramas, and I have nothing else to do, here’s my take on My Loving Heart by Great Star Production of Nollywood (Nigerian) fame.  Written, directed by and starring Tchidi Chikere. A brief synopsis: Boy, Bob, is dying.  Boy meets girl, Angela.  […]

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Going to the field – Part 1

On September 28th at 6am, I left Kampala and my comfortable Uganda home to travel to “the field.”  Throughout my life, the concept of “the field” has changed from anywhere in Africa, to outside major cities, to wherever everyone else calls “the field.” Right now, I’m sitting at Shine On Hotel in Mbale and would […]

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Back in the USofA

The ex-pat has returned for a brief stay in Ohio. Right now I’m enjoying the quiet of Woodhollow Drive, the homestead, and my mom as she continues to use her broken arm without concern for the long term damages. I have a lot to do. And, like my last week in Liberia, I’ll probably be […]

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